Writing and difference scribd account

And so I wanted to pass along a friendly warning about Scribd's cancellation process. They may make you jump through hoops, beg you not to leave, but in the end I've rarely had trouble canceling a service. Scribd, on the other hand, has set up their cancellation process so that it is easy to trick yourself into thinking that you've canceled your account before you've actually completed the process. I had to find this out the hard way, and I'm hoping you can learn from my mistake.

Writing and difference scribd account

Scribd is a social publishing site where people are able to create word documents or powerpoints and post them on the internet. Scribd is essentially a huge online library where anyone can post their work.

Scribd - Web Tools - New Possibilities for Teaching and Learning - Confluence

It is unique because it provides a way to post and even publish a paper, a powerpoint, or a lesson plan while allowing it to be viewed by the public.

Teachers can post lectures on Scribd for students who missed class or weren't able to follow the lesson as fast as others. The items that can be posted on Scribd include: As you can see, the possibilities are practically endless.

Teachers can upload study guides for tests and quizzes. Teachers can upload lesson plans for other teachers to view and utilize in their own classrooms. Students writing and difference scribd account view uploaded notes and lesson plans.

Scribd - Web Tools - New Possibilities for Teaching and Learning - Confluence

Scribd also has a blog correlating to each individual item posted, allowing people to make comments. Teachers can have students post their papers on Scribd and have them review other students papers. These communities allow a group with similar types of writings and posts to join together.


Teachers can ask students to read the excerpts of a few books on Scribd and then vote on which one they would like to read the most. With Scribd's iPaper feature, documents on Scribd can be viewed directly without having to download separate software just to view the documents.

This allows any file to clearly and easily be viewed. Some businesses have even used Scribd to post schedules within groups to allow attendees of a meeting to know the details and have a chance to read any documents that might be relevant or required as preparation for the business meeting.

writing and difference scribd account

From a educational perspective, instructors can post updates concerning various classroom business such as a change in the syllabus, assignment information, test or quiz solutions, and online readings.

Teachers can post a schedule for when all assignments are due, when tests and quizzes will be held, and when projects are due. Allows for automatic sharing of documents on Facebook and Twitter. Once the documents are posted on scribd they will immediately and automatically be uploaded to the social media sites of the users' choice.

However, it must be recognized that Scribd is a document sharing program and therefore in the public domain. Teachers must be mindful of copyright laws and perhaps more importantly, privacy issues. Students must also be made aware of the risk of disclosing personal information that could in any way endanger them.

Disadvantaged communities, especially, may present a challenge in this area so it is important for the teacher to incorporate the necessary content into earlier lessons before attempting any project in Scribd.

The pride in seeing their work 'published' should inspire students to excel, and this sentiment should be wholeheartedly exploited by the teacher. The success of the initial Scribd assignment will motivate students as the teacher can always do a final 'year presentation' of best works that were produced within each individual class.

Important basic knowledge, such as scientific and mathematic formulas can be made available through this site for use by students. Further uses for this program include: Showcasing works art or school work Scribd would allow teachers and students to showcase their work throughout the year and let others see the progress they have all been making.

Replacing textbooks Scribd would allow teachers to put textbooks online to help save money. Also, it would be convenient if a student say forgot there book and needed to finish an assignment.

They would just need to go on to Scribd, and use the online version of the book. Distance education applications Scribd would allow teachers to put assignments online, where students would then have a certain amount of days to complete the assignment and turn it in.

Specific subject content such as readings and various forms of information Scribd would allow teachers to put articles or documents online that deal with a certain subject matter. This would give their students the opportunity to learn and understand more about a certain concept that may be difficult for them to grasp.

Handbooks Scribd would allow both teachers and schools to put up their rules and handbooks online for the students and parents to have access to. Documents pertaining to the various aspects of school administration e.

Enrollment, absentee, permission slips for activities Scribd would allow teachers to put permission slips for field trips, watching certain movies in class, etc.

Scribd isn't currently popular in the education field, however, more and more teachers are starting to incorporate Scribd in the classroom. Teachers are becoming comfortable with the idea of turning to Scibd for posting lesson plans, powerpoints, class notes or in-class readings.

Not only are teachers turning to Scribd but students are as well. Students are using Scribd to research information for a research paper or finding a good book they want to read for fun.Jan 09,  · Six years has made a big difference.

Scribd has set out to become a full-fledged bookstore to compete with Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and takes it one step farther with the addition of an all-you-can-eat subscription service that allows access to .

🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes.

Understanding Business and Personal Law Writing monstermanfilm.comn Checking Accounts Bad Checks A bad check is a check drawn on an account in which you have insufficient funds.

Section unless it is accidental.1 Checking Accounts Bad Checks Writing a check on an account with insufficient funds is larceny or attempted larceny. difference between account and report writing.

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An account is not a specific exam response genre, though it’s good classroom practice for building up the skills of chronological ordering and informative semiformal style and is less intimidating than a report because it’s either a personal viewpoint or pre-supposes a personal interest in the subject matter, like a school trip.

Difference Between Account and Report Writing. Pakistan Studies(Junaid Akhtar) Section 1- HISTORY. Murder Report. Documents Similar To English Account Writing Assignment.

O Levels English Language notes Uploaded by. sadiq Scribd Inc.4/4(5). If you canceled your account at Scribd, go make sure they're no longer charging you. And if you decide to cancel your account, please be more careful that I was.

We don't want you to become part of the "gym membership" part of Scribd's business plan (continue to charge people for a service they aren't using).

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