Was australia invaded or settled essay

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Was australia invaded or settled essay

This article was first drafted this time last year in response to a passionate debate around Australia Day on whether Australia was settled by the English, or invaded.

Many Indigenous Australians beg to differ; often quite vociferously around this time of year. Fueled by emotion rather than evidence, they insist it was an invasion. They may be right. But not of his intentions. Lieutenant later Captain James Cook had instructions to negotiate with the Natives and gain their consent to occupy land.

From April to Augustwithout the consent of the Indigenous Peoples or consultation Captain James Cook landed at a number of sites on the eastern coast of Australia claiming it for the British Crown.

The English, especially, considered themselves well credentialed. Cook was probably also influenced by the writings of Rousseau, whose saw native peoples as unadulterated by the evils of civilisation.

Whilst it is acknowledged that Cook had acted improperly towards the Indigenous occupants it eventually mattered not to his peers. The failings of Cook and the contravention of the aforementioned Customary Law and Maritime Law were conveniently ignored.

Was australia invaded or settled essay

The following three paragraphs are a summary of the proceedings. The proceedings before Judge Willis began with evidence as to the capacity of the defendant to plead the jurisdiction of the court, and to plead guilty or not guilty.

The court then heard argument on the question of whether it had Was australia invaded or settled essay to hear a charge of murder by one Aborigine of another.

New South Wales was occupied by the British, he argued, rather than conquered or ceded. Occupation gave the Crown a right to the soil, but not to any authority over the Indigenous inhabitants as subjects, unless there be some treaty, compact or other demonstration of their desire to come under English law.

This does not interfere with the right of the sovereign to punish Aborigines who attack the persons or property of British settlers, or the reverse. No statute states that Aborigines are British subjects, and there is no treaty or compact showing their submission to British authority; their assent was necessary.

Nor is there any reciprocity between them and the Crown to render them amenable to the criminal law. It is impossible to apply the whole of that law to them. Aborigines have their own modes of punishment, under their own regulations. Their regulations, like those of all societies, extend to murder.

The Aborigines live in self-governing communities. English law, then, was not the only law in the colony, and it could not be imposed on them by terror. Mr Croke, the Crown Prosecutor, replied that it is lawful for a civilised country to occupy the territory of uncivilised persons, so long as they leave them sufficient land to enable them to acquire subsistence.

All persons within that area owe a local allegiance to the Queen, and are bound by English law even for conflicts inter se. They are protected by the law, and bound to obey it. Sufficient land having been left for them, they have no original rights to the territory of Port Phillip, but merely an easement over the soil.

Bonjon is as much amenable to English law as a British subject. The argument from Mr Barry that New South Wales was occupied, not conquered, was founded on this claim upon by the defense: On the shore appeared a body of savages, armed with spears, which, however, they threw down as soon as they found the strangers had no hostile intention.

The local Aborigines, in throwing down their spears, were actually signalling defeat. Technically, this means that the land was invaded. It is impossible to overrate the conditions and prospects of that unfortunate race without the deepest of commiserations.

I am well aware of the many difficulties which oppose themselves to the effectual protection of these people, and especially those which must originate from the exasperation of the settlers, on account of aggression on their property, which are not less irritating because they are nothing else than the natural results of the pernicious examples set to the aborigines, and of the many wrongs of which they have been the victims.

Still it is impossible that the Government should forget that the original aggression was our own. This country was not peacefully settled as the school books tell us.

The first Australians wanted the first British visitors gone. Through aggression from the outset they got to stay. They were, by the looks of it, invaders.On that basis, “invasion” has a very different meaning to the much more benign sounding “settlement”.

Undoing a historical trend, it also reframes the debate around Indigenous rather than “settler” experience. How different words produce different meanings is an important part of thinking critically about these debates.

It states: “Australia was not settled peacefully, it was invaded, occupied and colonised.

Discovery, settlement or invasion? The power of language in Australia's historical narrative

Describing the arrival of the Europeans as a ‘settlement’ attempts to view Australian history from the shores of England rather than the shores of Australia.”. Was Australia invaded or settled?


This article was first drafted this time last year in response to a passionate debate around Australia Day on whether Australia was settled by the English, or invaded. The view has long been held, hardly without question, that the English indeed settled in.

Was australia invaded or settled essay

Mar 18,  · In the following essay the argument for the British invading Australia will be outlined, followed by a rebuttal from the school of thought that Australia .

Was Australia invaded or settled? This article was first drafted this time last year in response to a passionate debate around Australia Day on whether Australia was settled by the English, or invaded.

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