Volunteering importance essay

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Volunteering importance essay

In elementary schools, high schools, and universities, the war affected enrolment, the availability of teachers and professors, lessons and curriculum, extracurricular activities, and student culture.

It also brought militarized forms of student involvement and spurred patriotic fundraising, salvaging, saving, and thrift campaigns regarded as essential to the war effort at home. Education was no exception. Thousands of students and recent graduates of high schools and universities rushed to enlist, their names carefully and proudly recorded by their alma mater.

On a broader level, the conflict impacted the expansion of schooling and altered public perceptions of the role of education in society. The diversion of funds and government energies resulted in the cutting of courses, reductions in supplies and equipment, and postponed the construction of additional schools and facilities needed to accommodate increased enrolment.

Volunteering importance essay

Volunteering importance essay war impacted practically every phase of the school curriculum and, at least for its duration, altered athletics, the activities of societies and clubs, and social events.

At the same time, the manpower crisis affected teacher training and resulted in a teacher shortage. A myriad of source materials reveal the impact of the war on education and the wartime experiences of those connected with educational institutions.

Board of education reports and school board committee meeting minutes reveal the ways in which the war was a highly disruptive social experience.

Curriculum guides and board of education circulars demonstrate that educators viewed the school system as one of the central mediums through which young Canadians might learn the specific details of the conflict.

Boards issued pamphlets on how the war should be taught in the classroom and provided lists of recent educational books that could help with its instruction. Current events were incorporated into history and geography and the lessons in technical courses and vocational schools became based on war production needs.

Yearbooks and student newspapers published historical narratives and creative contributions written by students that illuminate their experiences of war.

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An examination of such documents provides an opportunity to understand the diverse impact of the war as well as attitudes towards schooling, higher education, and children and youth between and These sources also reveal the ways in which education and learning have been subject to external events, allowing the historian to position educational policies within the broader context of political developments, social and economic pressures, and cultural attitudes.

Numerous questions emerge from this wealth of source material, providing opportunities for research and analysis. How does looking at learning during this conflict change our understanding of its impact?

What do these documents reveal about how the meaning of the war was conveyed to children and youth? How were changing perceptions of war reflected in classroom teaching?

The study of these materials also offers a rich opportunity to undertake comparative studies. Through these sources the historian can compare, for example, the response of rural and urban school systems or French and English universities.This is such a sweet story.

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Volunteering importance essay

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The Importance of Volunteering. Amanda - Albemarle, North Carolina. Entered on September 23, My world changed when I began volunteering. What started out as something I had to do in order to pass a class became something I am now passionate about and plan to continue for the remainder of my life.

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