Ufo thesis paper

He was dismissed from the FBI in and, inhe went on the run from the law with his former partner, Dana Scully. His first words were " JFK ", when aged 11 months. Spender on the water nearby.

Ufo thesis paper

Many dozed off again while 12, air raid wardens reported faithfully to their posts, most of them expecting nothing more than a dress rehearsal for a possible future event - an invasion of the United States by Japan.

The Three Baskets

All radio stations had been ordered off the air at 3: But the news was being written with fingers of light three miles high on a clear star-studded blackboard 30 miles long.

World War II UFO Scare In the early morning hours of February 25,suddenly appearing out of nowhere, but most likely doing so only after dropping out of the night sky initially from a steep angle out over the Pacific on a curving south to east trajectory, a huge object of unknown origin, possibly with protective detection devices on, at a lower altitude levels off.

The object continues on a trajectory east toward the city of Los Angeles at ultra high speed barely skimming the water just above the surface. At miles out, the object most likely picks up electronic probes from the Army long range listening apparatus or rudimentary early radar and retracts it's entry shields, reducing it's speed to a near crawl some 50 miles out, turning inland somewhere near Point Dume.

Scattered eyewitness accounts from years later pick up the object apparently dropping down into the radar shadow by hugging the mostly unpopulated ridge-line along the north side of the Santa Monica mountains in an easterly direction.

It then turned south in the gap in the mountains around Sepulveda Boulevard and Mullholland Drive coming in BEHIND the aimed direction of the majority of the anti-aircraft guns and any possible radar or long range listening devices. In a continuing steeply angled climb out of the Santa Monica mountains the object curved slightly to the east around and well above the foot altitude of Baldwin Hills in what appeared to be a concerted effort to stay away from all the potential aircraft and armament associated with Mines Field now LAX.

The object turned westward toward the ocean coming out over the aircraft manufacturing plants near the El Segundo tank farm, then, dropping altitude, south along the coast.

Ufo thesis paper

Even with all that going on, as soon as it happened to as late as a full 45 years after the event and continuing to this day, people are still questioning why no U.

In the same article quoted at the top of the page and written by Paul T. Why, everybody was asking, were they not ordered to go into action during the minute period between the first air-raid alert at 2: The volume specifically cites the USE of radar, which many people insist was NOT functionally operational in although the government seems to beg to differ in the document as well as the fact that the object simply disappeared or vanished over the ocean during it's inflight path toward Los Angeles.

Antiaircraft batteries were alerted at and were put on Green Alert 'ready to fire' a few minutes later. The AAF kept its pursuit planes on the ground, preferring to await indications of the scale and direction of any attack before committing its limited fighter force.

Radars tracked the approaching target to within a few miles of the coast, and at the regional controller ordered a blackout. Thereafter the information center was flooded with reports of 'enemy planes,' even though the mysterious object tracked in from sea seems to have vanished.

SCRs only had an operational range of 22 miles, yet initial contact was reported as being miles west of the city of Los Angeles. For more on that and the disappearing act of "the mysterious object tracked in from sea seems to have vanished" as mentioned in the above quote, please see: The Radar Dilemma At 3: However, whatever it was or whatever they were, no bombs were dropped nor was there any resultant destruction by the invader.

So too, despite the fact that 1, rounds of anti-aircraft ammunition had been expended, whatever was "up there" seemed impervious to the barrage in the end, escaping with no sign of damage or losses.

As the shore batteries and searchlights continued to wreak havoc aginst the night sky residents along the forty-mile stretch of coastline from north of Malibu to south of Palos Verdes had nothing but a front row seat to all the action.

One of those residents, who has since gone on to do intensive academic research into the mythological dimensions of the UFO phenomenon, was a young boy at the time grown to a be an honored professor of anthropology at Occidental College, C.

Scott Littleton -living along the coast in the small southern California oceanfront community of Hermosa Beach. In a recollection of the events that transpired that night Littleton writes: I was eight-years-old at the time, and my parents lived at Strand in Hermosa Beach, right on the beach.

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We thus had a grandstand seat. It headed inland over Redondo Beach, a couple of miles to the south of our vantage point, and eventually disappeared over the eastern end of the Palos Verdes hills, what's today called Rancho Palos Verdes.

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Roswell UFO Crash of July / Nazi UFOs & Operation Paperclip

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