The pros and cons of mandatory

Referenced for its constant work in progress at all levels of authority and the numerous problems it is facing, this system try its best to provide just punishments to those who break the law. As it holds itself to such a mandate, approaches and directives are taken to reduce the number of people who commit crimes. One particular part of the criminal justice system is mandatory minimum sentencing, which has become hot subject at the heart of the need to reduce the incentive of committing crimes and racial inequality. Mandatory minimum sentences continue to be talked about, as citizens, politicians and ex-convicts push their opinions.

The pros and cons of mandatory

Learn more about the controversy and whether gym class should be a phenomenon of the past. As such, PE classes have been cut so students can spend more time in core classes. Supporters of mandatory gym programs contend that physical education classes have a wide range of benefits.

According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Educationphysical education classes help children develop fine and gross motor skills, learn cooperation and teamwork, reduce stress, and improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

Activities that promote muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility, they argue, can help reverse the trend of American children gaining weight.

Subsequently, some school leaders are left without a clear answer in the debate. Unfortunately, while many states have increased the time students spend in gym class, Cornell's study found that adding more minutes of time to gym class each week did not produce substantial changes.

Even by adding more weekly minutes, the studies showed that boys generally engaged in only 7. As reported in USA Todaywhat would benefit children more is periods of rigorous physical activity that makes them break a sweat. High-energy games like tag and dodgeball are great examples of activities that have little downtime.

At a minimum, elementary aged children should get 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. Middle school and high school students should get 45 minutes of exercise a day. And about half of that time should be spent in activities like those mentioned above that get the heart racing.

Should Schools Discontinue Gym Classes?

The pros and cons of mandatory

In examining the changing policies of fitness education, it is important to understand how gym classes in public schools could be modernized. While running laps and doing jumping jacks used to be a staple of many physical education classes, many schools have diversified their options to reflect a more modern take on gym class.

Schools offer instruction in traditional team sports and games like flag football and red rover, but also emphasize healthy eating habits, the benefits of lifting weights and offer unique experiences from bowling to fly-fishing to kayaking.

By offering more intriguing physical activities for students, many public schools are reporting positive feedback from both their students and community members. Many physical education leaders are arguing for a complete paradigm shift in the area of fitness and wellness instruction.

Elizabeth Spletzer, a highly experienced fitness instructor currently coordinating the University of Minnesota's Physical Education Teacher Licensor program, strives to teach future fitness teachers the diverse learning benefits that children gain from physical activity.

There are academic benefits as well. According to a report by the New York Timesstudents who are physically active have better attention and focus, improved problem-solving abilities, better working memory and a general improvement in both reading and math scores.

In fact, the academic benefits students gain from physical activity during the school day appear to outweigh the benefits of increasing class time in subjects such as reading and math.

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While schools debate the future of physical education, one fact remains certain: More PE, activity programs needed in schools," May 23,Available at http:A mandatory military service would mean that a country is prepared for the worst. If, say, a war did break out, it would mean that they would not have to spend as much time recruiting because they would already have trained soldiers there, allowing them to have a head start in the battle side of war.

List of Pros of Mandatory Minimum Sentences. 1. They discourage people from committing crimes. In many countries, the enactment of mandatory minimum sentences has paved the way to lower crime rates.

The United States, for example, reportedly experienced a drop in crime when many of the mandatory sentencing laws were put into place in the s. List of Cons of Mandatory Sentencing. 1. Shifting Personal Bias It is important to remember that although you are eliminating bias from the judge and jury, someone is still required to set the mandatory sentence for crimes, mainly prosecutors.

The pros and cons of ‘mandated reporting.’ The concern isn’t unfounded. Just last month, parents across the country were outraged by news that a Chicago-area mother was reported to police. List of Cons of Mandatory Military Service.

The pros and cons of mandatory

1. Violates Free Will One of the arguments raised against mandatory military service is that it violates people’s rights to exercise free will. Mar 19,  · Postpartum Depression: The Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Screening: Shots - Health News California's legislature will soon take up a bill requiring doctors to screen new mothers.

Many doctors oppose.