Sem 1 assignment business communication

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Sem 1 assignment business communication

Each Question carries 10 marks each Q1. Briefly describe any situation in your own experience where the communication failed because the non-verbal behavior sent a negative message. Which aspect of non-verbal communication contributed to the failure?

How would you correct this? Situation where Communication was a failure to me: As an Associate Manager, I was a sender for a communication and intended to be received by my executives. I have sent the following communication to my executives through a notice and displayed on the notice board: But my communication went wrong and out of 10 executives, only three executives have attended at 4.

Following were the barriers of communication which stood in the way of my communication: Lessons learnt in order to overcome these barriers of communication: My communication was unclear by not giving exact time of meeting. The media I have used is the placing the notice on the notice board, instead had I circulated to all the receivers and obtained their signatures by asking their availability or feedback my communication would not have failed.

I have chosen a wrong day a holiday though the task was a routine one. I could have maintained good relations with my executives for success of my communication. Overcome the communication barriers When you send a message, you intend to communicate meaning, but the message For complete assignment visit www.

What are the biggest barriers that prevent you from listening effectively?

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Explain how you could overcome these barriers. Listening is not easy and there are a number of obstacles that stand in the way of effective listening, both within and outside the workplace.

These barriers may be categorized as follows — 1. Physiological Barriers — This was discussed earlier under the barriers to communication. Some people may have genuine hearing problems or deficiencies that prevent them from listening properly.

Once detected, they can generally be treated. Other people may have difficulty in processing information, or memory related problems which make them poor listeners. Another physiological barrier is rapid thought. Listeners have the ability to process information at the rate of approximately words per minute, whereas speakers talk at around words per minute.

Since listeners are left with a lot of spare time, their attention may not be focused on what the speaker is saying, but may wander elsewhere.

Physical Barriers — These refer to distractions in the environment such as the sound For complete assignment visit www. List and briefly describe the five most important guidelines, in your opinion, to be followed when making oral business presentations.

Some basic rules need to be followed when using them — 1. Use Visual Aids only if they Add Value — Make sure that you have a reason to use a visual, rather than using it for its own sake.

If your ideas are better explained through words, avoid the visual, since this will only distract the attention of the audience. For complete assignment visit www.

You are a management trainee reporting to the Marketing Manager of an organization. You have been asked to go through business publications and summarize articles related to Branding. Explain the purpose of reading in this case and the type of reading that you will be required to do.

As I asked to read business publication and summarizes only about branding then I need to go through very Intensive reading. Here my reading purpose is to get an indepth understanding of the Matter and find branding of the businessand I need to understand whole matter because I For complete assignment visit www.

Sem 1 assignment business communication

In your opinion, what are the five most common mistakes made during business meetings. Lack of Structure — Meetings should be structured in terms of an agenda being sent to participants in advance, the discussion being initiated by a specific person and the chairperson ensuring that different points of view emerge.

A loosely structured meeting will not be successful. Select any article from a business publication and prepare a summary of it in one fourth its size. Write this in the form of a one page memo, addressed to your professor. Attach the original article with your assignment.

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assignment: 1st semester bc / bc assignment 1st semester: business communication (bc) business communication 1 (bc) study units covered: study units 1, 4, 6 and 8 due date: p.m.

19 march total marks: instructions to candidates for completing and submitting assignments.

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