Research paper on advertisement

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Research paper on advertisement


Pay only for approved parts Research Paper on Advertising: Cultural Indicators and Attitudes Toward Ads Posted on May 6, by EssayShark This research paper on advertising analyzes the connection between cultural peculiarities and attitudes toward ads. Advertisement is not only annoying but a considerable part of everyday life.

What makes the ads so attractive and easy to remember? One of the crucial factors that influence the effectiveness of advertisement is an individual approach for each market where the product is represented.

An Italian buyer would probably like a bright and big billboard, while a Japanese buyer would be more interested in detailed information about quality and price of the particular product.

The cultural differences are important not only for marketers but for every human being who contacts somehow with the representatives of the international community. The rules of etiquette, food habits, and humor vary from country to country.

Our service can help you to deal with a multicultural issue as well as with your writing problem! The Relationship Between Cultural Indicators and Attitudes Toward Ads In the modern world, advertising activities have a close connection with the cultural development of humanity.

Research paper on advertisement

The methods and types of advertising can reflect the mentality and customs of the culture, among which an advertising campaign was created taking into account the target market. It is worth mentioning that culture is a vast indication of habits, perception, and thinking of a particular group of people.

In this regard, the creators of advertising must take into account the cultural characteristics of the group of people who are the target audience for which advertising is created.

Moreover, advertising is a link of a company that advertises a product or service and a person to whom the campaign is targeted, and feedback is a critical factor in the success of the creators of advertising and marketers. An essential factor in the success of an advertising campaign is the cultural analysis of the target audience, with which one can assess the likely attitude to advertising and minimize possible risks.

Research paper on advertisement

The attitude of a person to advertising influences the attitude towards the brand and vice versa Kaushal, S. That is why one of the main tasks of advertising is to impress on the person that the advertised product or service is necessary for life, and also to put the brand on the best side.

All this makes advertising continuously find new ways of expression since people have the habit of getting used to this type of media mass. It is also worth noting that before the creation of advertising itself, planning and careful development of an advertising campaign is necessary, which can become a crucial factor in the future success.

It is also worth noting that advertising is a dialogue between the brand and the buyer, in which the latter is invited to purchase a particular product or service. Such actions can have a different scale, including the world scale.

Paradoxically, advertising is one of the factors that influence the diversification of national cultures Jetten and Hornsey. It is no secret that any large group of people who have unity because of geographical, historical or other signs has signs of unique cultural characteristics.

Nevertheless, the socio-psychological attributes of people make many of them strive for uniqueness, distinction from other representatives of the national culture.

On the other hand, it is not a fact that a person from a particular nation will not observe national customs and traditions because of the desire for uniqueness.

It means that a person can simultaneously be an adherent of national cultural characteristics, but at the same time strives to achieve atypical features. The desire to differ from others makes people look for examples to follow in the media.

There is a definite connection of cultural indicators with the attitude to advertising. It is worth mentioning that is meant not the relation of a particular culture, but the position of people who are part of any culture. Regardless of the peculiarities of traditions and customs, a person has to deal with advertising campaigns, as it is often part of the target audience.

Fashion, which can inspire promotional elements, also has a tendency and the principle of variability. Nevertheless, cultural aspects of advertising are reflected in all aspects of the human sphere of activity.

The phenomenon of advertising is that by showing ideal conditions for the advertised product or service, a person also wants to follow such an example and strives for an ideal despite the risk of using stereotypes Frunza, Mihaela.

Advertising is an essential component of mass culture, which is primarily aimed at the entertainment of people. Moreover, the way and traditions of leisure activities are factors that affect cultural characteristics. One can say that advertising shows and, unfortunately, imposes standards of human behavior in society, impacts the tastes and freedom of action and choice.

Primarily it is worth highlighting the relationship between the fashion industry and advertising campaigns because the two concepts are inextricably linked, so a considerable amount of money fashion brands invest in advertising Neikova, Devora.council of scientific and industrial research.

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Journal of Advertising Research Jul , JAR; DOI: /JAR You have access An Examination of Television Consumption By Racial and Ethnic Audiences in the U.S. Research paper on advertising to abstract and introduction.

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