Personal statement computer science master

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Personal statement computer science master

Personal Statement - Computer Science Masters 2 Computer Science Masters Personal Statement 2 I have always been interested in computers as a hobby, stemming from my fascination with information technology.

I regularly read local and overseas-based technology or IT-related websites, weblogs and online forums to follow or discuss developments in the IT industry and computer technology.

I found that computers and information technology are closely related and computer software and hardware technologies are constantly evolving at a rapid rate of creative innovation. During my degree course, I usually proposed technology-related topics for my mass communication module projects to build on my own self interest and knowledge.

From these projects, I learnt about the importance of running secure computer networks and intellectual property rights concerns now that technology has enabled the digitisation of media and global connectivity via the Internet.

An aspect I am keen to explore further is the application of computers and the Internet as a mass media and marketing tool with the recent growth in popularity of web applications.

In my current job, I have been assigned duties outside of my actual job scope which require some degree of knowledge about computers.

Additionally, I design queries to generate sales production reports required by the management. I learnt about the importance of teamwork and time management, good interpersonal communication skills and managing with tight deadlines all of which I am sure are applicable to academic life too.

To de-stress, I play video games, read books and draw. I also sometimes undertake a personal project during my free time and one was to build my own desktop computer. I enjoyed the entire process, especially researching how to go about it and the hardware compatibility for the configuration I wanted, as well as troubleshooting.

Personal statement computer science master

Looking back at these experiences, I now want to learn about information technology in further detail and to pursue a career in the IT industry.

By taking an MSc in Information Technology conversion course, my goal is to gain the proper academic grounding required for an IT job. I also want to expand on my IT knowledge, particularly for web and software development, with an aim to complement it with the knowledge from my undergraduate degree.

Personal statement computer science master

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Your message must have two characters or more.A young Indian who completed my undergraduate studies in my home country in Engineering studying everything having to do with computer technology, I hope to be admitted to your distinguished Master’s Program in Computer Science at XXXX University for a variety of reasons, principal of which is your great strength and creativity in my area of special interest, Human Computer Interaction.

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Sample Personal Statement of Purpose Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Writing Service 1st Paragraph Free Menu Statement of Purpose Help; I am aware of the reputation of the UXX for excellence in Computer Science and the fact that California is a major center of knowledge in my subject and this is, of course, a major reason for my.

The purpose of the personal statement is for you to demonstrate that you are an interesting person whom we would like to teach, but also one who is interested in the subject. So please do not mention hobbies unless they are relevant to your interest in Computer Science, or you can show that they would make you a worthwhile .

Application to University of Utah Computer Science Personal Statement I began my master's in through BYU and immersed myself in the theory of. Computer science personal statement pitfalls Not standing out: Professor Lowe from the University of Oxford says that lots of the personal statements he sees 'are similar, bland, impersonal and don’t stand out – so make it personal, specific and concrete'.

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