Observation of an experienced teacher essay

Resources about testing Introduction Most parents of special needs children know that they must understand the law and their rights.

Observation of an experienced teacher essay

The tutor had a comprehensive scheme of work and a brief lesson plan available. The tutor provided me with a copy of lesson plan at the beginning of the session.

Looking at the lesson plan it describes the teacher and student activities. It has been noticed that these activities involve more of individual work and does not allow students to work in groups. The lesson was set to start at 9: He turned on all the computers and made sure that they were all working properly.

A technical assistant arrived after a few minutes and laid out the overhead projector for the teacher. The learners arrived one by one and greeted the teacher. The teacher responded pleasantly passing a friendly smile.

Tutor recorded the students attendance in the register at When all students were settled in their usual chairs the teacher made a movement to the front of the class and outlined the objectives of the lesson using the PowerPoint slides on the smart board.

The teacher then explained briefly the tasks that were to be practiced in the session. As he went with along with his demonstration he involved the students as well. He posed the questions related to tasks and encouraged students to think and come with a proposed solution. After posing a question he would wait; most of the students were then trying to work out the answers.

He encouraged the response to the questions and praised the correct answers. The students were then set off for a minute coffee break.

The lesson started again at This worksheet allowed students to create a spreadsheets to budget a holiday.

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The tasks included entering text, numbers and formulae into a spreadsheet. Some of the students were finding hard to accomplish these tasks as they missed the previous session. The tutor went around the class and helped the students on one to one basis.

By setting the individual work tutor gained an opportunity to go around and help the students on one to one basis. It was observed that tutor was in the centre of instructor-facilitator continuum hence the control was shared both between teacher and learner.

This relationship is showed on the diagram below Fig: The instructor-facilitator continuum Source taken from Petty Teaching Today page no After this facilitation session lesson came to an end.

Observation of an experienced teacher essay

The tutor managed to finish the lesson on time. However the duration given for the individual tasks took longer than expected. Tutor advised all the students to save their work on their floppy disks and complete the rest of tasks at home.


The tutor also informed the class that there will be a re-cap of this lesson in the next class and encouraged all the students to come up with questions they may have about the assignment. The tutor tried to maintain a common pace throughout the session but it proved ineffective as the class had learners with mixed capabilities.

Then separate activities for each group could be assigned. Source taken from Petty Teaching Today, page The lesson was well prepared and well presented. However it was noted that for the ESOL learners the vocabulary was difficult to understand.

Students work was checked a number of time during the session and corrected by demonstration. This repeatable feedback cycle must continue until mastery of the learning has been achieved.

Reflecting upon the observation it was noticed that the students with weak English skills were a bit shy to communicate with the teacher and were talking among themselves on how to work on the tasks given.This observation was booked with the tutor a week before it took place.

In a meeting prior to the observation he explained the curriculum covered within The tutor was an experienced and qualified teacher. This was a medium sized class; it consisted of 12 learners. We will write a custom essay sample on Observation of teacher. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

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Observation of an experienced teacher essay

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