Ne book iii 6 9

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Ne book iii 6 9

Though written more than 2, years ago, it offers the modern reader many valuable insights into human needs and conduct. People have not changed significantly in the many years since Aristotle first lectured on ethics at the Lyceum in Athens.

The human types and problems he discusses are familiar to everyone. The rules of conduct and explanations of virtue and goodness that he proposes can all help modern man to attain a fuller and more satisying understanding of his responsibilities as a member of society and the purpose of his existence.

One attains happiness by a virtuous life and the development of reason and the faculty of theoretical wisdom. For this one requires sufficient external goods to ensure health, leisure, and the opportunity for virtuous action.

Moral virtue is a relative mean between extremes of excess and deficiency, and in general the moral life is one of moderation in all things except virtue. No human appetite or desire is bad if it is controlled by reason according to a moral principle. Moral virtue is acquired by a combination of knowledge, habituation, and self-discipline.

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Virtuous acts require conscious choice and moral purpose or motivation. Man has personal moral responsibility for his actions.

Moral virtue cannot be achieved abstractly — it requires moral action in a social environment. Ethics and politics are closely related, for politics is the science of creating a society in which men can live the good life and develop their full potential.

Nature of Ethics and methods of studying Ethics. Discussion of Happiness and the good as the ends of human life. Discussion of Moral Virtue.

Ne book iii 6 9

The Doctrine of the Mean. Moral purpose and moral responsibility. Discussion of particular moral virtues. Further discussion of Pleasure. Happiness, the end of human life. Relationship of Ethics and Politics. Next Chapter I Pop Quiz!

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According to Aristotle, three conditions must be fulfilled for friendship to exist between two people. One of those conditions is expectation of shared material abundance mutual goodwill.Dua No. 1 Dua while using Khaak-e-Shifa. According to another tradition a person complained to the Imam that he was always assailed by pains and diseases and .

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