Nandanee soornack business plan

May 16, SMEs: This competition continues as the goal of highlighting the importance of SMEswhich play an important role in contributing to the economic prosperity of the country. To participate, existing or potential entrepreneurs will have to write a business plan including a project with a turnover not exceeding Rs 50 million. It should include a summary and be accompanied by information relating to the business description, operations management, the organization of sales and marketing, strategic planning and management, leadership, social responsibility and the environmental and financial management, among others.

Nandanee soornack business plan

Whether a country has a written or an unwritten like the UK constitution, every citizen has an inherent right to privacy.

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Privacy is also classed as a right under the European Convention of Human Rights. Even though PM Ramgoolam is a public figure, the sanctity of his home and family must be respected.

But if citizens have as Prime Minister or President or Mayor who is strongly suspected as a wife beater or an adulterer or of corruption, the people have the right to be informed and it is up to the authorities to initiate their investigations.

It was a private party in Ms Soornack home attended by PM Ramgoolam and in which he fully participated.


Obviously, Ramgoolam is entitled and at liberty to have a drink, smoke his cigar, beat the djembe drum, sing and dance the sega and enjoy himself, but he was neither in the privacy of his own home nor on official function when leaders like British PM David Cameron and US President Barack Obama do have a drink and a dance.

The media, in its role both as a broadcaster and a watchdog, is well within its right to scrutinise the private life of any public figure, be it a PM, a President, a Mayor, a celebrity, in the public interest, like in the following cases: On 20th Maythe Court of Appeal held that: Conclusion It is well established that although every citizen has the right to privacy, the public interest must be weighed against the expectation of privacy when it concerns a public figure.

Public figures are also regarded as role models. Ms Soornack is incidental to this matter of public interest due to her association with PM Ramgoolam and her transformation into a multi-millionnaire.Changing fortunes of Mauritius' ousted leaders.

The plan after the polls was to change the constitution to confer more powers on the presidency, for which Ramgoolam would then run in turn.

nandanee soornack business plan

The very close friend of former Prime Minister, Labour activist, Nandanee Soornack still probably in Italy and who had left the country hastily 11 December in the wake of the proclamation of th.

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However, a notorious agent of the MLP, [Nandanee Soornack] has sworn an affidavit in Italian courts stating that she is the mother of his sole heir,Xiara Chandra Soornack. Questioned about this, Navin Ramgoolam famously statedPrime Minister: Anerood Jugnauth, Paul Bérenger.

Veena gamely accompanied her husband to official functions, while Nandanee went with Mr. Ramgoolam to casinos and clubs around the world.

nandanee soornack business plan

As their affair accelerated, Ms. Soornack began engaging in lucrative business in Mauritius, including obtaining a share in the duty-free sector, and opening accounts in Mr.

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