How to write a postcard in irish translation

Scots Gaelic samhainn, Old Irish samain "summer's end", from sam "summer" and fuin "end" is a festival on the end of the harvest season in Gaelic and Brythonic cultures, with aspects of a festival of the dead. Many scholars believe that it was the beginning of the Celtic year.

How to write a postcard in irish translation

Original Prospectus In the book above written by Mrs Williamson, 'Sketches of Fallowfield' she states in her preface that, 'I have written nothing that has not been previously published' She continues 'I have just dipped into this store of interest and given out scraps, but I hope the scraps may prove dainty' Well some of those scraps are useful.

She writes in about the new buildings that are taking place in Fallowfield and refers particularly to the early days of Oak Drive. Try AbeBooks search engine if you are looking for a copy! On the next page of the website you can download a PDV scan of the book and read at your leisure!

Robert Ogden was a wealthy cotton spinner and he bought a fairly substantial plot of land from the first 'Oaks Estate' prospectus. However it seemed that only this one plot of land was taken up initially. The house he built was called 'The Oaks' and was a neo-classical design by Richard Tattersall circa ?

Edward Behrens and his family bought the house in the late s and in the family gave it to the University. In the rest of the land was offered in plots for 'Respectable Residences'.

Over the next 10 years or so several notable families moved into what became known as Oak Drive. Alfred Waterhouse, the famous architect of Manchester Town Hall built his own home here in Barcombe Cottage was built to resemble a Swiss chalet; Mrs Williamson described the house as, 'Displaying the taste of the designer, both internally and externally - the exquisitely stained windows show him also to have been artistic.

The Firs was the large home built for Sir Joseph Whitworth. It was set in 52 acres of grounds and on part of this estate Sir Joseph had a shooting gallery built to experiment with his armaments business; it was said to be nearly half a mile long and adjacent to what is now called Whitworth Lane.

Scott was the Editor of the Manchester Guardian and lived at The Firs from until his death in He was apparently regularly to be seen cycling every day to his office in Cross Street regardless of the weather.

C P Scott on his daily cycle ride to work. The marvellous photograph below is of her sister Rose and brother Aubrey romping in the garden of the Firs which can be seen in the background.

Oak Field can be seen on the left through the trees in the photograph below.

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The following four paragraphs give a clear and valuable contemporary view of Fallowfield when it was still considered a village. The small world of our experience contained almost the only thing in Manchester that was not ugly—a leafy suburb, never very fashionable and now quite out of fashion, but quiet and spacious".

Trains and horse-buses connected it with the city. She referred to their neighbours, 3] "The Grahams, like Grandfather, were well-known Fallowfield figures. Sir Charles was a rich merchant, generous in his gifts to local institutions.

Every day he went in to his office by tram, always very neatly and quietly dressed in a black overcoat with a velvet collar, wearing his bowler hat and carrying his umbrella. One day I sat beside him in the tram; he paid for my fare and gave me a penny. The Grahams lived in a very big house in the same quiet semi-circular road as us, and their garden was divided from 'The Firs' by a country lane, unpaved and unlighted.

Nearly every day Lady Graham drove out in her carriage behind a coachman and groom. The two gleaming dun horses had their necks arched high by the bearing-rein, a most shocking sight for readers of Black Beauty to see; foam flew from their mouths and spotted them with white.

There was something awe-inspiring in the rigidity of the menservants' backs, the silent rolling of the carriage wheels.

how to write a postcard in irish translation

Very occasionally, Lady Graham took us into the stables with her to feed the horses on apples and sugar, and once she gave me a black rabbit which had been caught in the garden".

A few farms remained among the houses, and their milk floats delivered milk and eggs and cream to Fallowfield households. Each float had a perilous backward slope to its floor, and the gay jingle and rattle from the harness and bouncing milk-cans made pleasant music along the Fallowfield roads.

On hot days in summer each pony wore a straw hat, and on May Day his mane and tail would be plaited up with ribbons and a cockade fixed in his cheek-strap". I would like to express my thanks to the daughter of Rachel Ryan, Susan Adams, who has very kindly allowed me to quote the above extracts from her late mothers book.

As Rachel Ryan acknowledged in the first quotation above they were fortunate children. Below is the extract of the Montague household from the Census return, there were three staff to look after the family. The nursemaid had to look after a further three children as there was eventually seven children.

Charles Montague is in his military uniform so the photograph was taken during WW1.In this photograph below, appears to be taken from a similar position as the above, but looking in a south-easterly there seems to be a very quiet and domestic calm to the Fallowfield Boulevard, it must have been a popular venue for mothers, (& nurses) as I think I can see 5 prams in this postcard.

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how to write a postcard in irish translation

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