Global citizenship gned 500 069

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Global citizenship gned 500 069

Rating scales The standards for colleges in Ontario, available in the Framework for Programs of Instruction, mandate that courses leading to a diploma, certificate, or other document awarded by a college must be designed so that students achieve outcomes prior to graduation MTCU, Graduates are required Global citizenship gned 500 069 demonstrate skills and knowledge in three areas.

Self-directed learning

Adding the international or global dimension would expand the criteria to include global citizenship. Similarly, the standards for universities in Ontario, printed in the Overview of Provincial and Regional Quality Assurance Mechanisms in Canadian Higher Education require indicators to assess the quality of faculty, program outcomes, and learning objectives AUCC, The Guidelines for University Undergraduate Degree level Expectations also details the performance expectations for graduates in six areas.

These include depth and breadth of knowledge, knowledge of methodologies, application of knowledge, communication skills, awareness of the limits of knowledge, and autonomy and professional capacity OCAV, Knight iterates the importance of addressing the intersection of international and intercultural in the promoting of internationalization.

Barker and Crichton et. Standards are available from UNESCO in Guidelines on Intercultural Education linking culture and education, particularly in programs that encourage dialogue between students of different cultures, beliefs and religions.

Journal of Global Citizenship & Equity Education, Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

Learning to Know combines general knowledge with opportunities to work on in-depth projects, exposure to other languages, communication ; Learning to Do the competence to deal with many situations, work in teams, and to find a place in society ; Learning to Live Together carrying out joint projects, managing conflicts, appreciating interdependence ; and, Learning to Be able to act with greater autonomy, judgment, personal responsibility, capacity for right of others to difference UNESCO, The second step in the process is deciding on how to operationalize the stated outcomes.

Some strategies are based on a definition, while others adopt a construct. A variety of theoretical constructs are available for assessment of global citizenship and intercultural learning. These constructs have been applied to study abroad, international service learning, civic engagement, and academic courses.

Examples include intercultural competence Sinicrope et. Illustrating the use of such constructs, Sinicrope et. In the study, Pederson adopts a theory that views intercultural sensitivity as occurring in stages, or on a continuum.

Global citizenship gned 500 069

The points on the continuum are the basis for an instrument, the Intercultural Development Inventory IDIwhich measures movement through the stages suggested by the theory.

The context for the study is a psychology course with intercultural pedagogy, guided reflection, and intercultural coaching. All were administered the IDI pre and post test. Results assessed whether a student moved on the continuum as measured by the scale.

Global Citizenship - GNED

Findings reported the highest growth statistically significant for the group who took the course and went abroad. The third step in the process is selecting and establishing performance indicators. This involves obtaining and validating actual evidence of global citizenship and intercultural learning Deardorff, b.

Maki notes the importance of using multiple data collection methods, and distinguishes between direct and indirect evidence of student performance.

Direct indicators show gained knowledge or skills Rosenberg and Wartzok, These include portfolios, course-embedded assignments, capstone or culminating projects, evaluation of specific behaviours such as collaborative problem solving or teamwork, performances, internships, observation of simulations, essays, interviews, and tests Maki, ; Sinicrope et.

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Indirect indicators ask students to reflect on their experiences Rosenberg and Wartzok, These refer to survey instruments, focus groups, document analysis of syllabi or transcripts, and follow-up statistics such as the percentage who go on to graduate school, retention and transfer data, and job placement data Maki, ; Sinicrope et.

Triangulation of the evidence, which means collecting more than one piece of evidence, is recommended as a means of validation Deardorff, b.

Global citizenship gned 500 069

Oakleaf describes two types, namely holistic or analytic. A holistic rubric scores the overall process, without judging the component parts separately. One score is given for performance that is based on an overall impression.

The second type, an analytical rubric divides performance into dimensions which are judged and scored separately. Formatted in a matrix or table, rubrics include criteria for assessment in the left column and levels of performance across the top.

A rubric can be used for both formative to give general feedback and summative to assign marks Red River College, Chapter-3 Social Analysis for Social Change What is social analysis? Social analysis is the practice of systematically examining a social problem, issue or trend, often with the aim of making changes in the situation being analyzed.

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