General environmental factors affecting wal mart management essay

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General environmental factors affecting wal mart management essay

Pitched at the broad middle mass-market, it has maintained its position through a clear focus, well targeted product offer and excellent record both in product and format innovation. Tesco also leads the world in online grocery retailing.

In the UK the company concentrates on running grocery superstores, c-stores and an online service. Elsewhere the focus is usually on hypermarkets. The full SWOT analysis of Tesco is presented in Appendix B, summarizing the key issues from the business environment and the strategic capability, including resources and competence, of the company that are most likely to impact on strategy development 5.

General environmental factors affecting wal mart management essay

The primary target for the company is to recognize that competition between businesses is as much a race for competence as it is for market position and market power.

Therefore, the goal for Tesco management is to focus the attention on competencies that really affect competitive advantage. The competence leads to levels of performance from an activity or process that is significantly better than competitors. Benchmarking may help in understanding performance standards and what constitutes good or bad performance.

However, it will be crucial for Tesco to look at the generic level.

General environmental factors affecting wal mart management essay

Core competences may be embedded deep in Tesco at an operational level in the work routines. In the case of Tesco the areas of expertise are most likely to develop in the critical, central areas of the organisation where the most value is added to its service and its delivery.

Some 50, new service accounts per week are being opened and Tesco sees these areas as long term businesses with the potential to build real scale. Financial services have also been launched internationally in for example Hungary and Korea Datamonitor Report, ; MarketWatch, Through a long period of operations, core competencies of Tesco have to be rather fixed.

Therefore, Tesco needs to adapt to new rapidly changing circumstances and opportunities, so its core competencies will have to adapt and change.

The example of this was when the company has launched its loyalty card and went into banking. Core competences framework suggests three factors, which can help to identify core competences: Provide potential access to a wide variety of markets: Fro instance, Tesco has established a strong leadership in food retailing industry.

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The core competence that enabled Tesco to enter retailing of food and non-food products was a clear distinctive brand proposition that had a focus on a properly define market segment.

Tesco is recognized as the company, providing the most customized and efficient service, based on a good customer relationship management. Makes a significant contribution to the perceived customer benefits of the outcome: In order to identify core competences in a particular market, the question of — why is the customer willing to pay more or less for one product or service than another- needs to be addressed.

For example, Tesco have been very successful in capturing the leadership of the retailing market. Tesco was the first UK grocer to launch a loyalty card and has been the most effective. Palmer claims that until recently, it was the only grocer to use the information to mail customers every month.

This indicated the importance of product differentiation. For example, for many years up to In Tesco has been recognised a leading UK food retailer Tesco had a very strong position within the retailing industry.

It had a different approach to the service concept, providing good corporate reputation and introducing new premium quality products MarketWatch, Applying this framework to Tesco shows that the company in order to be successful has to base its business strategy on these capabilities.

Culture generally tends to consist of layers of values, beliefs and taken for-granted actions and ways of doing business within and outside the company. Therefore, the concept of cultural web is the representation of these actions taken for granted for understanding how they connect and influence the strategy Veliyath and Fitzgerald, ; Johnson and Scholes, Culture can be analysed through the observations of how the company behaves, including routines, rituals, stories, structures and systems.

Tesco has a very friendly and supporting approach in the routine ways that staff at Tesco behave towards each other, and towards those outside the company that can make up the ways people do things. For a giant retailer, such as Tesco, to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage they should follow either one of three generic strategies, developed by Porter.

The first strategy of cost leadership is one in which Tesco can strive to have the lowest costs in the industry and offer its products and services to a broad market at the lowest prices. If Tesco uses another strategy of differentiation, than it has to try to offer services and products with unique features that customers value.

Tesco will be able to create brand loyalty for their offerings, and thus, price inelasticity on the part of buyers.Wal-Mart underscores the value of a public sociology agenda that embraces three research criteria: the incorporation of new media and audiences, the need to go global with our research, and the ability to work for change from within.

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Low uncertainty: In this situation, changes in the environment affecting the uncertainty factors are low (that is, low environmental dynamism). Also, there are few elements influencing the uncertainty factors (low level of complexity). EconTalk: Russ Roberts Mon, 27 Aug EST Psychologist Charlan Nemeth of the University of California, Berkeley and author of In Defense of Troublemakers talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the ideas in the book--the power of groupthink, the power of conviction, and the opportunity for an authentic, persistent dissenter to .

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