Failed and failing states essay

State Failure Essay State Failure Essay Since the end of the cold war, scholars and policy makers have become increasingly concerned about state failure.

Failed and failing states essay

Ananya Nanda A failed state is a state that can no longer perform its basic security and development functions and that has no effective control over its territory and borders, which bears humanitarian and security consequences. These states pose enormous political, humanitarian and security challenges in the international system.

These consequences not only adversely affect only the state but the international sphere as well, undermining the Westphalian system. Failed states are tense, deeply conflicted, dangerous and contested by warring factions.

In most failed states, government troops battle armed revolts, maybe two or more insurgencies, varieties of civil unrest and a plethora of dissent directed at the state. But it is not the intensity of violence that identifies a failed state.

Instead, it is the enduring character of that violence as in the cases of Angola, Burundi and Sudan. A collapsed state is the extreme version of a failed state.

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It exhibits no authority. It transforms into a mere geographical expression. When Somalia failed in the s, it collapsed. In all these cases the warlords took over to control the regions and built there on market systems, security mechanisms and trading arrangements. The ongoing debate about whether failing or weak states are a major threat to security has been appropriate in terms of a threat.

The dangers of a weak or failing state are that the central government is in no capacity to control public order, control its borders or even maintain viable public institutions. Thus it is highly unlikely that the convention of the Westphalian vision would be challenged by aggressive states which earlier did but today, in the 21st century, it is the failing states that are likely to threaten the Westphalian sovereignty.

The discrepancy between de jure system of state sovereignty and the de facto nature of many states has given rise to a failed state debate. Globalization is another topic of debate when it comes to components of failing states.

According to this, neoliberal economic forces have given birth to weakening the state, which means that the failure of state gives rise to violence, it is right to say that declining support from the superpowers to states after the end of Cold War has undermined the integrity of such states.

Based on the above points, some scholars tell us to see that failed states are useful and identifiable for analysis that makes us think about the dangers they pose and the way we should deal with security. Further suggesting that challenges in future will be posed by failed states and not by global powers.

Other analysts feel that weak or failed states are not reliable since there are no indicators on which security implications exist.

More over, It is even tougher to gather data. Sometimes the conflict or scenario is over exaggerated that it actually is, and policies ultimately are misplaced which are in turn ineffective or dangerous. Another view based on the above points is that failed states are a construction of those with a political agenda of those who wish to de-legitimize states that do not or fail to conform to the dominant states.

In simple terms, the idea of a failed state is a part of an ulterior agenda to reform developing countries for only controlling and exercising intervention. This leads to failure for anybody who tries to analyze a failed state, since the political agenda makes it analytically useless.

The impact of these failed states is transnational which affect the international or global scenario. Forced migration flows evident in events of Rwanda and Uganda where people were displaced on the basis of Rwanda Patriotic Front which fought against the government of Rwanda in s s.

This led to intervention of the Democratic Republic of Congo forming a major force in Rwanda. This further led to the intervention of the Rwandian Army into Congo escalating the conflict. Another example can be that of Afghanistan linked to destabilizing migration in the same period where refugees were flowing into Pakistan giving rise to Taliban that took over the Afghani state, eventually.

Smuggling of small arms and light weapons is another aspect of a failed state giving rise to insecurity. Moreover evidence suggests that failing states tend to become a point of transit or origin to transfer chemical, biological and nuclear weapons materials.

Failed and failing states essay

Fingers were pointed at the time of the break up of the Soviet Union when the states were vulnerable to black marketing and leakage of nuclear materials. However, this claim is only hypothetical. A failed state consists of flawed institutions.

Due to the absence of an accountability to anyone and order, aggressive governments can come to power and pose a threat to regional security by curbing privileges.In large part, this is because most failed states were never successful states to begin with.

Indeed, as the essay describes, the state itself is a recent and historically contingent development, as is an international legal system premised on state sovereignty. A Solution to Weak and Failed States Essay; A Solution to Weak and Failed States Essay.

Words 7 Pages. Show More As the state is a creation of man, the weakness or failure of it is also caused by man. There are many different ways that men have been the cause of state weakness.

One of these is the fact that men leading the . This is not the case for failed and failing states. There is no agreement on whether or not these polities pose a threat for the United States.

And, if they do pose a threat what American policy ought to be. The United States Failing War on Drugs Essay Words 4 Pages The government needs to understand that marijuana is a drug that can actually help; not only people with mental and physical problems such as cancer, but the economy as well by getting rid of the hard drugs that cause real problems and benefiting from a drug(s) that that can.

A failed state is one that can no longer reproduce the conditions for its own existence.

In large part, this is because most failed states were never successful states to begin with. Indeed, as the essay describes, the state itself is a recent and historically contingent development, as is an international legal system premised on state sovereignty. Collapsed And Failed States Essay This example Collapsed And Failed States Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. Failed states create an environment of flourishing corruption and negative growth rates, where honest economic activity cannot flourish. The dynamics leading to and compounding state failure are many and varied, including civil war, ethnic violence or genocide, and .

This term is used in very contradictory ways in the policy community (for instance, there is a tendency to label a “poorly performing” state as “failed” – a tendency the Crisis States Research Centre rejects).

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Failed and failing states essay

The United States is often referred to as the best country in the world in many areas.

Essay on Failed States | Ananya Nanda -