Dr reddy s organizational structure

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Dr reddy s organizational structure

Ardagh One of the faster growing spiritual movements from the s up until its growth stalled a few years ago due to unsavory revelations is the so-called Kalki Deeksha movement, known since as the "Oneness Movement" O. Actually, as the evidence from quite disenchanted former higher-ups will show, this movement is a gigantic scam based on corrupt greed and empty promises by its heads, "Bhagavan and Amma," and tragic naivete and New Age superstition by too many but certainly not all of its followers.

It was founded in South India under another name in the late s and then made public in early by one of the more clever hucksters in religious history, one Vijaykumar Naidu b. Possessing a certain mix of intrigue, chutzpah and perhaps some minor psychic powers, all of which gave him a mesmerizing power over some young people in a school he directed from onward, and spouting "final level" spiritual teachings gleaned from the wisdom of great advaita-nondual sages like Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj as well as J.

Krishnamurti, Vijaykumar circa grandiosely re-named himself "Kalki. Within a short time, because of legal issues surrounding the name "Kalki," Vijaykumar re-titled himself "Bhagavan" to amplify his status as "the Lord God Incarnate," the one who is here or so he claims to grant mass enlightenment to all of humanity by year by first fully enlightening 64, people.

How was he to do this? Through his alleged capacity for shaktipat, Bestowal of Divine Power, and deeksha, Initiation or Blessing, "the transfer of Divine energy. I am informed by a Deeksha practitioner in late Junearound the time that Krishna, the son of the self-styled "Bhagavan," started his own offshoot "blessing" movement: He was planning on doing this inbut is afraid his movement may be shut down in India and wants to do it now.

So I don't think it's really that free, but at least it's not that expensive [compared to certain other groups]. Here we are in Oct. Kalki's former chief missionary to the West, Freddy Nielsen, now deeply regrets having lured tens of thousands of people in 15 countries into the Kalki Deeksha Oneness Movement.

It is for these reasons that most of the leading longtime disciples the dasas or "servants" have left this scoundrel who poses as the "Divine Incarnation" of our era. These materials are presented only as a public service announcment to educate and warn all sincere but not-so-savvy spiritual aspirants to watch out for this man and his movement's missionaries, and beware other con-artists who have no qualms exploiting followers for their own private gain.

Dr reddy s organizational structure

Authentic spirituality is so much more beautiful than the cheap, distorted product that is dangled before the public by the likes of the so-called Bhagavan Kalki, who thinks that the Divine can be turned into a commodity for purchase-- and has cleverly convinced hundreds of thousands of persons to think likewise and buy into his fantasy and farce.

I would hasten to add here a reply to the question I have been asked by several persons, namely, "Have you personally experienced the Deeksha blessing?

In the latter case, the Deeksha giver was someone previously unknown to me; in the two other cases, the two Deeksha-givers were long known to me. It's an ancient, natural, and entirely FREE process to extend such blessings-love-caring.

But Vijaykumar, the "Kalki Bhagavan" fellow, has gone about hyping it and monetizing it for personal aggrandizement. In so doing, he has financially ruined many thousands of hapless Indian people through his schemes.

I wish him well with the heavy karma he has created for himself. I wrote my M. This creates neurotically hungry "Grace-chase" expectations in the minds of seekers looking to get "high" on euphoria and altered states of consciousness ASCs rather than become truly clear and free, free of egoic attachments, aversions and delusions.( -) "Some fires never die" Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar is our inspiration for his dynamism, perseverance and strong principles.

A man of practical thinking, SLK was one of the earliest successful entrepreneurs of modern India. Dr Reddys Analysis V 1. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories November 28, Presented by: Group 3 Anshul Gupta Govind Singh Jatinder Pal Singh Puneet Piyush Sachin Sharma Vaibhav Awasthi Submitted to: Prof.

A.P. Das. 7. Primary Missionary Freddy Nielsen's Scathing Revelations.

Dr reddy s organizational structure

In early , the rather dramatic news came that Freddy Nielsen, VK / Bhagavan Kalki's longtime chief foreign emissary and recruiter, an author of an early book on Kalki and the cult, had left the Golden City / Oneness Movement, apparently forced out by certain O.M.

personnel around Kalki.. At Freddy's website in March he. Mr. Water E. Blogren was the first Chairman of US National Committee of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, a former Vice-President of the Commission's Executive Council, and a member of the US National Committee on Large Dam - World Power Conference.

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