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Business plan pro italianos humble

January 18, Introduction by the translator: This article is a detailed story of a book which, in its time, influenced the Eritrean National Movement in a deep negative way and caused schisms which kept developing, morphing and clustering until today.

It details the story and the circumstances that led to the appearance of the book and the reactions which followed its publication. It is the history which until now stood overlooked and neglected by History. Eritreans are not known for the love of reading books.

business plan pro italianos humble

Nevertheless, the Eritrean National Movement have, ironically, fallen, at a time in its history, victim to two contaminant books and got infected and negatively business plan pro italianos humble to the core thereby.

The two books, published early at the beginnings of the Eritrean Armed Struggle, succeeded in driving a series of wedges business plan pro italianos humble the components of the movement, and perpetuated discord and fragmentation among them.

The material and the contents of these two coordinated books were based upon identical false claims aiming at the stirring of sectarian suspicions and affecting confessional feuds. The effects of these evil works are still echoing in the Eritrean collective memory with reverberations working havoc to this day.

The two books, displayed the same aim and spirit in spite of their difference in language and style. It is impossible for one who reads and compares the two books to escape concluding that one is, definitely, a re-arrangement, rephrasing and compression of the other.

This work appeared for the first time in but was again published in several Sudanese websites and Arabic speaking Eritrean websites in May of with a word from the author by way of introduction. The posting of this article in Awate.

Perhaps, the usefulness of reading this article is in its suggestion to the new Eritrean readers of asking themselves a question their predecessors and brothers avoided asking long time ago, at the distribution of the two venomous books: A word from the author: Eritreans are going to celebrate the silver jubilee of their independence which came after a bitter struggle in which they sacrificed the dear and the precious, unimaginably countless martyrs, the blood which run like rivers, the innocent who were forced to abandon their homes, and the children who saw death by their own eyes calling their parents with no response.

In this occasion I remind all, of what happened and remind further of the tight bond and relations which joined the Eritrean struggle to Sudan and its people. Written in May Sudanese Destinies of Haile Sellassie: Colonel Tarreke running wild in Khartoum Streets! The Story of A.

Swing your imbecilic sword if you can hunt a star! And as his pen quickly and brightly glowed, it was quickly extinguished, like a meteor rising at the break of dawn, unnoticed —except by nighthawks and late worshipers.

The Sudanese journalist Ahmed Teyfur was a victim of the frivolities of spies, the betrayal of fellow co-workers, and the disgrace and weakness of rulers.

He escaped straying and roving the deserts of North Sudan, trying, in a moment of desperation, to leave the country heading for Egypt, where he may have hoped, to melt away in the human waves of Cairo, forget himself and be forgotten in a village or a town of that country.

Yet, its horrific finale was not witnessed except by a few, when his corpse was found in that miserable room, where the stage curtains fell on a success story, assassinated at genesis.

Teyfur was the first reporter to enter Eritrea accompanied by its rebels, crossing, under the veil of night, the hills forming the border between Eastern Sudan and western Eritrea at the Hafera region, neighboring the town of Kessela. He returned back to write elegant reportages supported by photographs snapped and frozen in testimony of an experienced and scrutinizing eye.

But, before elaborating on and resuming the story, it may be helpful to step back a little, and have a look at the relations of Sudan with its two neighbors to the East, Ethiopia and Eritrea. There is no need to go as far back as to the Mahdiyya and the slaying of Emperor Yohannes IV [ii] but a good start may be the arrival of Emperor Haile Sellasie to Sudan, escaping the troops of Mussolini, which at that time had overrun Ethiopia using its colony, Eritrea, as a springboard, on the eve of World War II.

The Emperor was welcomed and accommodated by Al-Sherif Yousif Al-Hindi [iii]in Burri [iv]offering his majesty his utmost magnanimity. From there, the Emperor went to address and try actuating the League of Nations, which, a working, organization was as good as a dead body at that time, paralyzed and unable to raise as much as a finger in the face of the imminent danger threatening Humanity — a danger the clouds of which were accumulating and hanging everywhere, though its first calamity fell down upon the Horn of Africa before engulfing and drowning Europe.

Thus the fascist invasion of Ethiopia proved to be the knockout blow which finished the crippled organization once and for all. The battles of the valleys and highlands of Anseba and Keren—which were immortalized in popular songs—and the martyrs and the wounded of the Sudanese battalions were only testimonials to this fact.

And when the British forces accompanied by Sudanese battalions [v] entered the Eritrean capital, Asmara, they were escorting Sudanese teachers, engineers, nurses, musicians, singers, and craftsmen ready to open schools and construct canals, roads, heal wounds, restore life-beats and manifestations.

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The most famous of these was a man whom the British administration rewarded after the war by appointing him a teacher of the English language in Sudanese secondary schools in spite of the fact that he was not in possession of credentials higher than a primary school certificate.

Beside the English language, the man mastered the Italian language and spoke Amharic as if he was a pure Shewan Prince. After the war, Haile Sellasie victoriously returned home to his throne. This time he had set an aim of subjugating Eritrea from where the Fascist invasion had broken out and expanding his dominions to the warm Red Sea waters, thus, coming into contiguity with neighboring Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, and the Holy Lands in Palestine.

And here In Palestine the followers of the Orthodox Church have places of worship and monasteries which have long been objects of dispute between two Coptic churches: Assuming good intentions, one may say that the British Military Administration, which had a United Nations mandate to run the colony of Eritrea, was unable to help the people of that country and empower them to acquire their rights.We are in business since , with happy customers in over 40 countries, and over 60, items in stock.

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business plan pro italianos humble

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