Asian history in canada essay

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Asian history in canada essay

Chinese Immigration Essay Chinese Immigration Essay Imagine coming to a new country, a new culture, and leaving your family and friends behind. You are promised that life will be better and that you will have a high paying job. But, when you get to the new country, you are stereotyped, discriminated against, and mentally and physically abused.

Life is much harder and you have to work for at least 12 hours per day for very low wages. This is exactly what both the Chinese migrants and the Chinese labourers went through on what they thought was going to be a new and better life in Canada.

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Hot Essays: Chinese Immigration Essay What led to the decline of imperial power within Japan? While the emperor was goofing off, aristocratic families were trying to run the imperial bureaucracy and create the most influence.
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Several shiploads of illegal Chinese migrants were caught off the west coast of British Columbia in the summer of These migrants were granted admittance into Canada and many have claimed refugee status.

The treatment of these migrants has of course, not been good. However, many Canadians feel sorry for them, as they had to live for weeks in unthinkable conditions just to come here.

There were mattresses laid on the floor and the boats were dirty and unhealthy. Buckets were used for toilets and the drinking water was contaminated. Small generators were used to supply power and the migrants survived off bottled water and little food.

Asian history in canada essay

These illegal migrants were smuggled into Canada by Asian smuggling gangs known as snakeheads. These gangs charge up seventy thousand dollars to smuggle people into Canada.

Accomplices here arrange for jobs for the migrants. Many of them end up working in restaurants, sweatshops, as poor farmers, or street merchants.

Females are usually forced to work in the sex trade. These migrants have very little education and work for very low wages as little as four dollars an hour in horrible working conditions. They have to give almost all of their wages to the snakeheads, who charge up to eighteen percent interest, to pay off their debts.

Snakeheads control their existence for years and are warned to obey their every command or risk being severely punished.

It takes years to pay off their debts and if the price is not paid, gangs resort to threats or physical violence to intimidate the migrants or their families.

The main reason the migrants come here is to escape a life of poverty or a bad past. Some are lured here by promises of high paying jobs.Asian History and Culture Home to over 60% of the world’s population and centuries of human history, there’s a whole lot to learn about Asia.

Get started with profiles of key events and historical figures, along with articles about cultural and scientific contributions. This lesson provides a variety of essay topics to help your students better understand East Asian history.

Essay Topics The following essay topics all cover East Asian history, and the histories of the countries that make up this fascinating part of the globe.

It is not yet clear how these new measures will affect immigration from South Asia. As a result, there are some signs of decline in the rates of South Asian immigration, especially from Bangladesh and Pakistan. Reports in suggested those from Bangladesh and Pakistan are moving to more receptive countries like Canada (Sachs, , p.

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More Chinese migrated to Canada and today, they are part of the multicultural society of Canada (Mantu ). Cultural diversity in Canada forms a basis of the formative history of the country.

In other words, cultural diversity in Canada has helped in shaping the country .

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