An exploration of the ways in which companies create brand loyalty

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An exploration of the ways in which companies create brand loyalty

For many companies, this kind of top down advertising is no longer effective. Customers now expect to be welcome and respected participants in the brands they love. A survey conducted by ExpoTV. In the past, engaging consumers in a conversation was difficult for marketers, requiring time and energy to seek out and survey potential customers.

All of that changed with the advent of the Internet. Today, tools make it easier than ever for companies to solicit feedback, track customer behaviors, and tailor marketing and product offerings to their customer's wants. This communication leads to greater customer satisfaction and prolonged brand loyalty, allowing consumers to participate in a conversation about the favorite products.

What is Interactive Marketing? Interactive marketing relies on customers expressing their preferences so that marketers can produce more relevant marketing messages. Unlike the outbound marketing of the past, interactive marketing creates a two way dialogue between a business and its customers.

Advertising becomes a dynamic process that follows customers rather than leading them. Any time a customer is invited to provide feedback, express their personal preferences, or offer up demographic information, they are providing information that marketers can use to guide their advertising efforts.

See also User-Generated Marketing Interactive marketing can take many forms, but search engine marketing is one of the most common. When customers type a query into a search engine, they are shown advertising based on their search terms. A search for shampoo might produce ads for hair care products.

See also Search Engine Marketing Specialist At the other end of the spectrum is a company's official website.

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These present enormous opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers. Unlike a TV ad which runs for 20 seconds and then ends, websites allow customers to engage with the brands that interest them according to their own pace and agenda.

They can browse product offerings, learn about the company's history, access deals, and participate in forums. Marketing in an interactive way has many advantages over traditional marketing.

First and foremost is the cost. Online advertising costs significantly less than television, print, or radio ads and often produces greater rates of return. Companies should always be interested in producing the same results at a reduced cost.

Online activities also leave behind tremendous amounts of information about customers.

An exploration of the ways in which companies create brand loyalty

Their demographic details and their personal preferences are both revealed through their behavior online, allowing companies to track and store this data to use in future marketing efforts. The more relevant that marketing is to a customer's immediate wants and needs, the more likely it is to produce a sale.

See also Real-time Marketing For customers, interactive marketing allows opportunities for them to help evolve and grow their favorite products and brands.

The more those customers talk about a company in online forums, social networking sites, emails, and videos, the more their hopes and ideas for that company enter into the company's consciousness. Businesses can use this information to develop the products their customers are most excited to buy, increasing a customer's sense of respect -- and potential sales.The workforce is changing as businesses become global and technology erodes geographical and physical organizations are critical to enabling this transition and can utilize next-generation tools and strategies to provide world-class support regardless of location, platform or device.

Interactive Marketing. Explore the Strategy of Interactive Marketing. Traditionally, advertising flows in one direction. A marketer will design an ad, purchase ad space, send the ad into the world and wait for the results to start showing up in the cash register.

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